Friday, February 25, 2011

Novelty Skirts...

Just came across a TREASURE TROVE of Vintage 50's 100% Cotton Novelty Print Skirts! Nice & Full to wear a poofy crinoline slip underneath, but not quite "full circles". PERFECT for this Spring/Summer strolling the Flea Market! Check em' out in my Shop on Ebay at "Lady Jane Vintage"!

Simply click on the title of this post to be whisked away to my shop! Two are listed NOW and two will be listed this evening!

Monday, February 21, 2011


WHO doesn't love FREE STUFF?!

If you love the Vintage 70's Silvertone "Dangle Leaf" Necklace above, simply go to my "LADY JANE VINTAGE" Facebook Page, "Like" the page and leave a comment that you want "IN" on the necklace!

The winner's name will be drawn and VIDEO OF THE DRAWING posted on the Facebook Page on Friday!

FUN ~ FUN ~ FUN!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Isn't She Lovely....

Yesterday my partner in crime Denise and I set out on a mini buying trip. We braved not only the snow piles here in Upstate New York, but also freezing rain & sleet towards the day's end. Lots o' treasures were to be had, all of which will make it into my Ebay Auctions, my Etsy Shop and also my Shop on Sense of Fashion in the days & weeks to come.

Of all the trinkets and treasures to be seen yesterday, "this" is what I wish I could have come home with....:) As a "joke" I sent a photo of it taken with my cell, to my husband asking "Can I have this please?" Needless to say, my text "conveniently" went unanswered! ;(

So once I come into $950 that I just "don't know what to do with", I'll be high tailing it back to that little antiques shop where I spotted this beauty....:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow ~ Snow ~ and MORE Snow!

How much more can we take? We've already had 115 inches of snowfall here this winter! The RECORD for snowfall in the entire country! And get this - 18 to 20 more inches is expected TONIGHT! Ugh! :( Was hoping to hit a sale tomorrow for some great Vintage! Looks like Lady Jane will be hooking up her dog sled! ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Night at the Opera...

So absolutely dramatic and elegant...This Vintage 1930's Black Velvet Opera Coat is stunning! Looove the "3 Button Front" and "Back Pleated Skirt". Definitely intended for a Gal of "Super Model Stature", I'm thinking for the more"Averaged Sized Gal", it would make an oh so "Romantic & Feminine" statement to have only the front hemmed, leaving a sweeping train in the back....:)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


While my hunt for good Vintage Clothing & Accessories is always first and foremost, I still cannot pass up a good "Treasure" when I stumble upon it. This pair of Vintage 50's Italian Murano Glass Lamps graced with Figural Glass Pink Roses, Vines & Leaves literally took my breath away when I came across them yesterday. :) I can't tell you the "where I found them" and the "how much I paid for them" as some things are better left tucked away inside "the vault". ;)

I don't think I've ever come across a pair of Lamps quite so beautiful. I am certain those who decorate in "Shabby Chic" or "Paris Apt." Style will be literally frothing at the mouth over these...If you need to see more photos, and have decided you simply cannot live without them, you can find them for sale in my Ebay Auctions. Simply click on the link off to the side of this page, to be whisked away to my "Lady Jane Vintage" shop there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Woman's Intuition

While out running errands this morning I found myself nearing one of my favorite haunts to treasure hunt in. I told myself "Do NOT stop! Do NOT stop! You just cleaned and organized your office this past weekend and you do NOT need to ADD to it! You need to make a DENT in it!" Well before I knew it, my turn signal was on to turn into the parking lot and I was slowed to a stop waiting for oncoming traffic to pass. I can't explain it, but there was just "something" pulling me in! I am certain many a treasure hunter, picker & diehard collector of just about anything can relate! ;)

Once inside, I walked the aisles first with excitement of what I might find, but soon my excitement abated as it seemed as though "today was just not the day" to strike gold. As I started heading towards the door to leave, something
"pink" caught my eye. "Pink" being one of my favorite colors, it almost always acts like a flashing strobe light if it's anywhere in my vicinity. :) I walked over to the rack and lo and behold, there she was....

A Vintage 50's French Angora Fur Creamy White Cardigan Sweater with Bold Fuchsia Pink Cabbage Roses and Pearl Buttons - UNWORN with TAGS STILL ATTACHED!!!! Ain't she purty?! Sigh..........:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Best Find Ever....

Years ago, while attending one of my very first Estate Sales in the Buffalo, New York area, I remember walking around the home in awe, as obvious Antique Dealers rushed past me, almost literally knocking me down as they rushed from room to room. Once I realized the Dearly Departed's "Boudoir" was "on" limits and not "off" limits, I made my way there. Once inside, I took a second to relish in the fact that I was the first and only one there. :) I walked towards her huge walk-in closet and as I slid the glass paned pocket doors open, it was almost as though a choir of angels began to sing...Not only did she have a closet packed with designer and couture gowns and dresses, but it appeared that she had kept "every" single dress she ever wore, from the 1950's on up!

As I stood there admiring her things, a noticed a bit of tulle "poofing out" from the back of the closet. My heart started racing - compounded by the fact that I could now hear a herd of footsteps behind me from others who now realized "Milady's Boudoir" was a "go" and there were treasures to be found there. I made my way to the back of the closet and pulled the piece up off the rack. To my amazement, I was holding a pristine, creamy off-white CEIL CHAPMAN Strapless Tulle & Lace Gown! At that point, everything else in the closet became a blur, and all I remember at that point was clutching it to me as firmly as I could and backing out of the closet - It's skirt was quite full so getting out of their in the middle of a now "pack of wolves", was quite a feat!

As I made my way to where the cashier was, I heard many a heavy sigh from Admirers over it's sheer beauty, and the "Dealers" that wished they had found it first. ;) As I stood in front of the cashier, my heart began pounding almost out of my chest as I worried the price would be waaaay out of my reach. Before I could utter a word in question, the lady cashing buyers out said "Whaddya got?" I took a breath to speak, but she quickly cut me off and said "Oh, a dress. $10.00 please. Cash or check." I don't think I could pay fast enough! As I left the home, and walked down the street to my car with my "Creamy Cloud of Tulle & Lace", I was approached my at least 3 different people with offers to buy the dress from me right then and there. All offers were politely declined of course. :)

I owned and enjoyed the Ceil Chapman Gown for a year or so before finally deciding to pass it on to another collector who "needed" it for their collection. :) Today, this particular sale has been one of my biggest regrets, though it's profit was quite "tidy". ;) To this day, I have never, in all my travels and hunts ever come across a Vintage Piece quite so beautiful. I only wish I still had photos of it....Though I can see it clear as day in my dreams....:)

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

After much thought and contemplation. I've decided to dust off this old Blog and fire up it's engines once again! I'm looking forward to sharing the adventures of Lady Jane Vintage in her never ending hunt for "Good Vintage" Clothing and Antiques! Check back often for posts and photos! Would love to hear from other "Vintage Lovin' Fashionistas" and Lovers of Antiques! Warmly, Jen