Sunday, February 6, 2011

Isn't She Lovely....

Yesterday my partner in crime Denise and I set out on a mini buying trip. We braved not only the snow piles here in Upstate New York, but also freezing rain & sleet towards the day's end. Lots o' treasures were to be had, all of which will make it into my Ebay Auctions, my Etsy Shop and also my Shop on Sense of Fashion in the days & weeks to come.

Of all the trinkets and treasures to be seen yesterday, "this" is what I wish I could have come home with....:) As a "joke" I sent a photo of it taken with my cell, to my husband asking "Can I have this please?" Needless to say, my text "conveniently" went unanswered! ;(

So once I come into $950 that I just "don't know what to do with", I'll be high tailing it back to that little antiques shop where I spotted this beauty....:)


Cozyvintagecottage said...

LOVED the ring and LOVED the little ladies working in that shop!

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Weren't they the BEST?! Though I do feel a bit of an allegiance to the gals at the "other" shop that drew my name as the winner for the $50 gift certficate! LOL!!! :)